Cyclone Separator
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Cyclone Separator

AS12000 Manufacturer: Hi-line

Cyclone separators serve to remove residual water from the compressed air

Cyclone separators have been developed for conditioning compressed air in industrial applications.  Owing to optimised construction design, the three-sectioned enclosures offer low differential pressures at high flow rates. 

The conical shape of the lower section of the filter housing prevents the separated aerosols from being entrained. The turbulence-free zone in the lower section of the filter housing prevents the already separated condensate from the wet area from being entrained again by the air flow.  
As an option the cyclone separators are also available in the premium version with an electronic condensate drain. 

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  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Standard version incl. floating drain
  • Premium version incl. electronically controlled condensate drain for leading off condensate without loss of compressed air

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