Oil/Water Separator
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Oil/Water Separator

GEN2-MINI Manufacturer: Hi-line

Works with:

  • Any compressor, vane recip, turbo or screw
  • Any oils – synthetic, mineral or vegetable oils
  • Any drains – even timed scienoids or steam traps
  • Any system – galv, stainless, plastic or aluminium pipework
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Smaller – smallest possible footprint
  • No mess – no oil containers to empty
  • Lighter – polyethylene moulding
  • Stronger – roto-moulded for maximum structural strength
  • No overflowing/no weirs
  • No stagnant water volumes/no bacteria buildup
  • No emulsions or “pizza” on top of condensate – no static water
  • Longer lasting cartridges/bags than conventional oil/water separators
  • Fitted with 4-way ½” BSP inlet manifold as standard
  • Re-handable inlet ports – or up to eight ½” BSP inlet ports

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