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FL 0025 SVR Manufacturer: Chicago Pneumatic

The FL25 has been developed specifically for hard concrete demolition, pile-capping or rock breaking. The FL25 SVR has the same slow blow rate and very high-energy impact as the standard non-vibrationreduced version but offers significantly lower vibration levels. Its design is based on the the FL22, with the same handle, high quality components and strong construction but it has a longer barrel, heavier piston, a nose-cone retainer and is bushed to use stronger 1” (25 mm) round shank demolition steels.


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  • Features
  • Specifications

• Brand new isolator assembly unit: more reliable, easily maintained and lower
vibration levels
• Same robust design and construction as FL22 but longer cylinder stroke,
special valve and heavier piston for more power
• Low frequency blow (1100 bpm)
• Nose cone retainer and bushing for good control of 1” (25 mm) round
demolition steels (moil points or narrow chisels only)



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