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GV9 Manufacturer: Favre

Pick hammers are used in the building for masonry and demolition works in concrete. In public works, they are mainly used for asphalt work, for taking up the paving and in compact grounds.

They can be used horizontally to work on the walls and vertically to work on the floor.

GV9 is available either in standard version or a low vibration version and supplied with a muffler.

It is available with 4 different shanks. Instead of its standard closed screw retainer, it is possible to use an open screw retainer to work with wider tools such as broad chisels. 


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  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Available in low vibration model
  • Supplied with muffler
  • Shanks available: H22 x 82, D.23 x 70, D.25 x 75 or D.26 x 70

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