FL22 Curve+ Clay Spade FL22 Curve+ Clay Spade
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FL22 Curve+ Clay Spade

Clay Spade Curve+ Manufacturer: APP

We are pleased to unveil our new re-designed FL22 Clay Spade. The Curve+ has been designed with a bigger curve and sharper blade. We believe this is the ultimate clay spade for all your industrial needs. The FL22 Curve+ Clay Spade is made in the UK from UK British Steel. The FL22 Curve+ Clay Spade is made from Carbon Steel which has been hardened to produce a robust Clay Spade.

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  • Specifications
Material Fully Hardened Carbon Steel
Material production UK
Blade width 4’’ / 101 mm
Blade height 6’’ / 152 mm
Length of working tool 14 ½’’ / 370 mm Approx
Origin of manufacture Sheffield, UK

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