PUMPS 2000

Pumps 2000 pneumatic diaphragm pumps were developed originally for the mining industry and have been used in the coals and hard rock mining industry of Australia since 1989. The FRASplas range is Zone 2 ATEX approved and are certified as suitable for use in hazardous Explosive atmospheres. FRAS Series pumps are Fire Resistant & Anti-Static. The General purpose range can be used in most general applications - suitable for pumping general water, slurry, salt water and some low PH acid applications requiring food grade approved materials of construction. The Ebony range are ball valve models, ideal for pumping higher concentrations of certain acids and other chemicals. Please contact us for assistance in selection. 

Using engineered plastics to operate lubrication free, they are light weight and manual handling friendly. Pumps 2000 prove reliable in the harshest of conditions. The product range can be applied to underground use, slurry or clean fluid transfer, a range of chemical applications, continuous or occasionally explosive atmospheres, fixed or portable installations, marine environments, construction and the food industry.

Manufacturing processes are in accordance with the International Organisation for Standardisation ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems and EN 13980 Potentially explosive atmospheres: Application of quality systems.


Pumps 2000's unique slurry pumps allow you to pass varying sizes and types of particles through the pump without any issue. As long as there is enough liquid carrying the solids, the Pumps 2000 slurry pumps will get the job done.


Use Pumps 2000 air operated double diaphragm pumps to reduce the risk of lifting injuries to your workforce. The light weight feature allows you quick and easy relocation of a pump whenever needed and maintenance is also easier with pumps that are lighter to handle. Keep your workers safe and happy bu using Pumps 2000.


Pumps 2000 pumps utilize low wearing and low friction plastic components to give you true lubrication free long life operation. Save on your oil costs, save the time and labour expense used to maintain lubricators, save on spare parts and also protect your  environment from oil pollution by using Pumps 2000.


With a lower air consumption to output you will find that Pumps 2000 air operated diaphragm pumps will do a better job using less air. This can lead to savings on your compressor and leave you with more air that can be utilized elsewhere within your operation.


Pumps 2000 utilizes the toughest in engineering grade plastics to give you a longer working life in the harshest of pumping conditions. Along with the employment of the best in materials, there are a number of patented design components to give you trouble free long life operation. Not only will you save on pump maintenance costs by using Pumps 2000, but the saving could flow onto your labour expenses, roadways and vehicle maintenance costs, and overall efficiency of your operation. The pumps are constructed of all plastic and stainless steel components to better handle corrosive environments.


With our high suction lift, the Pumps 2000 air operated double diaphragm pumps will give you more versatility when it comes to your setup. You can keep the pumps away from high traffic areas and still get reliable priming and performance. Alternatively, the Pumps 2000 range can operate fully submerged. Please contact us for assistance in pump selection and setup advice.


The design of the Pumps 2000 is aimed at minimising the amount of components in a unique and simple way. There are few parts needed to maintain the Pumps 2000 air operated double diaphragm pumps and with the simplicity of construction, you will have no headaches when it comes to pump maintenance. For maintenance manuals and other information, please contact us. 

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