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Triple Headed Scaler

153.5300/153.5305 Manufacturer: Trelawny

Trelawny single and triple headed scaling/scabbling hammers, in several distinct versions, are ideal tools to compliment our needle scalers in more demanding applications for surface preparation and coatings removal.

The Trelawny triple scalers/scabblers can be converted to an in-line configuration for hard to reach areas, by simply exchanging the side handle for the main handle. All Trelawny scabbling/scaling hammers can be fitted with an optional vacuum shroud for dust free working.

The scaling hammer uses replaceable tungsten carbide tipped taper fit heads for use on steel surfaces.


  • Removal of rust, coatings, scale from steel structures and surface.
  • Cleaning of cast iron, steel pipe and bell joints of gas lines maintained by utilities and gas companies.
  • Removal of stubborn coatings and mastic residue from floor.
  • Reduced Vibration improves operators control.
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  • Features
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  • Specifications
  • Replaceable scaling heads
  • Nylon brush seals
  • Single screw cap design
  • Air inlet/side handle port

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