Desiccant Air Dryer

HPSA-850 / B-Brand

HPSA- Heatless Pressure Swing Adsorption

This proven technology is designed and built by a highly skilled team of engineers working to EU engineering standards. Although a standard range of products is available off the shelf, we can also offer bespoke dryers to suit specific applications.

HPSA dryers are sold as “Plug and Play” and come skid mounted with their own filtration package with pre and after filtration as standard.

These dryers use positively driven valves and full flow non-return valves and have no “shuttle valves” as fitted within inferior quality dryers.

Designed for a long trouble free service life, each HPSA uses Dri-Zorb 27 desiccant media which delivers constant low dewpoints whilst using the lowest possible amount of regeneration air.

The digital control panel which has LED display as standard, can be upgraded to include digital dewpoint display and dewpoint control. It can communicate with most BMS systems and compressors for automatic stop/start or timed duty.

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