Grout Pump with Mixer Tank

GB7 / Whytehall

Whyte-Hall grout mixers are versatile and easy to use. They come in two sizes 63
Litre capacity and 160 Litre Capacity. Both are powered by the Whyte-hall Turbovane
Air motor. The pump and mixer assembly run through a common supply of
compressed air.

The paddle assembly operates in a common manner between both the 63 & 160
Litre models. The GB7 grout pump slides into a custom port section on the side of
the mixing drum, the paddle assembly forces the mixed grout out to the foot of the
pump where it is sucked up down to minimum of 4mm.
The durable steel drum, paddle and mixer motor all come apart for easy cleaning
once the grouting job is complete.


• Construction • Building • Civil Engineering


• Ground anchors, backfilling, guniting, ground sealing, spraying, building repair etc. where cementitious type materials need to be applied to fill voids, cracks and hollows under pressure. 
• Roofbolting, postgrouting, longhole grouting, spraying etc.
• Heavy duty transfer pumping, sludge pumping cement mortar transfer and spraying. 


The GB7 grout pump is an air driven, reciprocating, single piston pump. The reciprocating airmotor being directly linked by the connecting rod to the piston of the pump. This piston has a built in check valve which opens on the down stroke and closes on the up stroke, the liquid trapped in the riser tube then being pushed out by the piston as it moves up. 

The GB7 grout pump manufactured by Whyte-Hall have been developed following many years of experience in the manufacturingand marketing of pumps for mining and construction industries coupled with specific customer application requirements. The GB7 is an extremely simple and robust pump, far superior to other competitive products available throughout the world. 

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