Duser Rivet Buster

CP4611 DUSER / Chicago Pneumatic

Originally design for cutting and forming metal rivets, the CP buster is now mostly used for concrete demolition and has become one of the stars of the CP range. It has a low frequency blow with hitting power equivalent to a paving breaker twice its weight.

There is no hammer with more hitting power per kg than a CP rivet buster – even a T-handle breaker will need to be at least twice as heavy to give an equivalent blow. This super-power can still be controlled thanks to low blow frequency and teasing throttle – that’s why the CP rivet buster is one of the favourite tools of demotion contractors.

Users have discovered many new applications for rivet busters for working in both concrete and steel. No longer is the buster used exclusively by iron workers for forming and cutting rivets, but it has now found its way into the hands of operators who need the most powerful tool for the job.

Concrete Applications

• Bridge deck work, where weight of breakers 
is restricted
• De-capping foundation pillars, where concrete 
is very hard 
• Medium to heavy concrete demolition 
• As an alternative to paving breakers where 
high hitting power is required but applied in a 
restrained space or working horizontally

Metal Applications

• Cutting and removing large rivets and bolts 
with narrow chisels and backout punch, or other 
special steel and accessories
• Cutting metal tanks or plates with ripper chisel 
• Industrial applications such as in foundries or the 
petrochemical industry



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