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Dropout® will dramatically improve compressed air systems throughout the industry. The unique design allows it to efficiently remove >99.9999% of liquid water and remove other contaminants down to 3 micron.

The DO150S is a 'Compact' Dropout® unit and is used as an inline point of use liquid water separator and contaminantremover. It is used in a wide range of applications and flow rates:
● Superior protection for your application at point of use
● Stand-alone replacement for water separators and/or coalescing filters
● Protection upstream of refrigerant & desiccant dryers
Unlike traditional cyclonic separators which rely on constant and stable flows, Dropout® has the
ability to maintain its performance levels during start up where it reaches optimum performance in a fraction of a second.

Dropout's water and particulate filter guarantees that 99.9999% of water is removed from air – ISO 12500 part 4 certified.

The constant reliable performance you get from the Dropout removes particulate down to 1 micron – ISO 12500 part 3 certified. Dropout does not require costly replacement consumable filters, saving you money over the lifetime of this revolutionary product, It is a fit and forget filter

All the protection you need in one device instead of having to purchase and maintain a multiplicity of different products. 

Save money, save energy, save time

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