Rock Drill

CP 0032 / Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic rock drills are the ideal tools for all “hand-held” drilling operations. CP rock drills have streamlined design and low air consumption, which are very much appreciated. Smooth contours, side exhausts and “flat back” make them easy to handle. High performance, robustness and low maintenance costs are essential for stone mining. CP design includes a higher quality valve and cylinder-porting concept that helps maintain constant drilling speed throughout a long service life. Working parts are constantly protected with an effective lubrication system.

The CP 0032 is a top performer in its class. This machine is ideal for:

• Blast hole drilling
• Excavations work
• Shafts
• Quarry drilling
• Bench mining
• Road constructions.

The CP 0032 is by far the number one choice for utility companies, because of its smooth design and high performance for only 25 kg and 48 l/s of air consumption.
The CP 0032 is used in the toughest quarries around the world.

CP 0032 and CP 0069 for wet drilling
Both the CP 0032 and 0069 can be used for wet drilling. They both have a heat-treated cylinder with a replaceable cylinder liner of steel. Flushing is ducted through two
concentric tubes, the outer one for air and the inner one for water. This means that flushing air is provided as soon as the compressed air is switched on. The design prevents water from entering the percussion mechanism of the rock drill.

The CP 0032 and 0069 WET are the same as the standard dry machines, except that they have additional inlet water port and flushing tube inside. All machines are equipped with a 20 mm (3/4”) connection for air and a 12.5 mm (1/2”) connection for water. Standard CP 0032 and 0069 can be converted for wet drilling.

Convertion kits: CP 0032 = R 147457
CP 0069 = Z 6544438

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